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Buhler Inc.

Antares Plus Roller Mill

    •Ultimate sanitation: Components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.
    •Perfect, constant grinding action thanks to roll packs with self-contained forces.
    •Constant and reliable product feed.
    • High degree of insulation.
    •Minimized maintenance and servicing.
    •Massively reduced noise level.
    •Easy operation.
    •Integrated control system.
    •Cockpit with centralized data processing.

763-847-9900 • FAX: 763-847-9911 • buhler.minneapolis@buhlergroup.comwww.buhlergroup.com • Minneapolis, MN

Codema LLC

Similago Rollermill

    •Automatic/pneumatic roll engagement/disengagement.
    •Built-in programmable variable speed feed rolls with automatic start/stop.
    •HTD differential drive and vibration isolation supports promote quiet, near vibration-free operation.
    •Easy cleaning of feed rolls.
    •Available in 800, 1000, and 1250mm roll lengths, in 250 and 300mm diameter single- or double-high design.
    • Allen-Bradley electronic system.
    • Most spare parts sourced from U.S.
    •Proven performance combined with an economical price —the most cost-effective roller mill available on the market today.

763-428-2266 • FAX: 763-428-4411 • info@codemallc.comwww.codemallc.com • Maple Grove, MN

DT Grain Processing Systems Inc

Spomax FMO7 Roller Mill

    •Gull wing design with feed roll pack for superior sanitation and maintenance.
    •Built-in explosion proof panels for electrical and pneumatics.
    •Roll on frame design for stability and consistent gap setting.
    •FM08 two high roller mill arriving soon.

905-938-2882 • darryl.tateishi@gmail.com • St Catharines, ON


Ferrell-Ross Roller Mills

    •Manufactured in the United States since 1939.
    •Efficient design for years of reliable service.
    •Heavy-duty construction with superior components.
    •Chilled cast iron rolls with corrugations for specific particle size distribution.
    •Choice of vibratory or roll feeder systems.
    •Nine roll sizes available for cracking and grinding applications.

800-248-8318 • 260-824-3400 • FAX: 260-824-5463 • dazeigler@atferrell.com www.ferrell-ross.com • Bluffton, IN

Lone Star Enterprises Inc

Grind, Crack, or Crimp

    •Single, double, triple pair mills.
    •Electric or PTO driven.
    •Stationary or portable.
    •Chilled cast iron rolls, sharpened to order.
    •Heavy-duty solid mill frame for mill stability.
    •Roll parallel both vertical and horizontal.
    •Easy to operate, service, and maintain.
    •Customizable to your specifications.
    •Automated or manual.
    •Over 20 years experience.

866-393-1116 • 605-647-3001 • FAX: 605-647-1966 • info@lonestarenterprises.comwww.lonestarenterprises.com • Lennox, SD


Fine Grinders

    • Designed to grind dry, free-flowing material as fine as 200 mesh with very tight distribution of particle size by utilizing a high-speed impact principle.
    • Feed material is metered into the center of the mill, where it is impacted by the rotor, blades, screens, and jaws.
    • Larger screen area to horsepower ratio.
    • Outboard bearing design and dual o-ring seals on the large access door and ensures a more dust-controlled grinding environment.
    • Quick and easy removal of the reversible rotor is possible with the removal of one bolt, allowing rotor blades to be efficiently replaced without any further balancing of the rotor.

630-759-9595 • FAX: 630-759-6099 • info@praterindustries.comwww.praterindustries.com • Bolingbrook, IL

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