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Grain Temperature Systems

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Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc

EST Series Grain Temperature/Level Monitoring System

    •Realtime monitoring to prevent grain spoilage.
    •Innovative 1-wire temperature sensors make electrical installation easy, less costly.
    •EST110 heavy duty grain temperature monitoring cables, up to > 100ft, customized separation distance and length.
    • Unique EST120 temperature AND continuous level measurement in a single cable.
    •Multiple bins on a single 2-wire digital cable network, significantly reduces installation costs.
    •MMS-TLA monitoring software system.

815-632-3132 • FAX: 815-716-8464 • www.aplusfine.com • Sterling, IL


Grain Temperature Monitoring Components and Systems

    •Repair cables.
    •Custom cables.
    •Bulk temperature cables.
    •Bulk leadwire.
    •Repair parts.
    •Bearing probes.
    •Belt alignment.
    •Speed monitors.
    •Job engineering.
    •System design.

800-265-2010 • 515-432-2010 • FAX: 515-432-5262 • info@boonegroup.comwww.rolfesatboone.com • Boone, IA

Safe-Grain Inc.

SafeTrack Wireless Temperature Monitoring

    •Clear graphics for at-a-glance analysis.
    •Scheduled and manual scanning and reporting.
    •View reports on PC, web page, or via e-mail.
    •Remote scanning over the network or Internet.
    •Approximate grain level and volume measurement.
    •Graphing of temperature trends.
    •Extremely rugged thermocouple cables.
    •Digital data for accuracy and reliability.
    •Detailed audit trail.

800-659-8250 • 513-398-2500 • FAX: 513-398-2536 • info@safegrain.comwww.safegrain.com • Loveland, OH

Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc.

Grain Temp and Motion Monitoring Systems

    •Worldwide sales of custom grain monitoring systems.
    •Wireless grain monitoring systems – Internet and satellite based.
    •Motion monitoring systems.
    •Handheld instruments: Bin Temp Memory, DTL Plus (computerized), and Bin Temp (manual entry).
    •Console – reads grain temperatures at a single location.
    •PC3010 – computer software grain temperature information system with color 3D graphics.
    •Remote switch – used with the console or PC3010.
    •Service, installation, free quotes, and tech support.

800-438-8367 • 712-336-0199 • FAX: 712-336-0299 • tsgc@tsgcinc.comwww.TsgcInc.com • Spirit Lake, IA

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