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Bratney Companies

Cimbria Color Sorters

    •Complete range of color sorters from laboratory to large scale 1,000 bph in a single unit.
    •Tru color camera system with 0.1 mm resolution and shape recognition.
    •Ability to mount up to four cameras per chute with color, NIR, or InGaAs combinations. Allowing multiple separation in one unit with reduced footprint and installation costs.
    •Full start-up training and after sales support and service.
    •Bratney Companies offers in-house engineering and installation for all your facility needs.

800-247-6755 • 515-270-2417 • FAX: 515-276-2067 • info@bratney.comwww.bratney.com • Des Moines , IA

Buhler Inc Sortex

SORTEX A Multi-Vision, the ultimate seed sorter

    • Offers superior machine performance, revolutionary technologies and balanced, stable sorting to deliver the best quality seed products.
    • Packed with innovative technologies including MultiVision inspection systems, PROfileTM , InGaAs, SmartEjectTM, Broadband LED Illumination and SORTEX ProSortXTM operating software.
    • No matter the capacity, sorting requirement or budget, the SORTEX A offers customizable options to tailor to customer needs.
    • For nearly 70 years, Bühler has taken the lead to deliver innovative optical sorting solutions in seeds, it is no surprise that so many seed processors choose Bühler.

209-983-8400 • FAX: 209-983-4800 • sales@buhlersortex.comwww.buhlergroup.com • Stockton, CA

Delta Technology Corp.

TCS™ & now TCS-1™ Models

    •Advanced high production color sorters for seed stock and edible products such as soybeans, corn, sunflower, vegetable seeds, and many more.
    •Full color spectrum high resolution RGB cameras can detect color defects as well as the smallest defects and foreign material.
    •TCS-1™ is for small to medium production and lab use.
    •Optional features include shape and size sorting, NIR, and remote internet monitoring and diagnostics.
    •Assures quality and improves the quality of the commodity.
    •Rugged and reliable. Designed for all weather operation.

713-464-7407 • FAX: 713-461-6753 • info@deltatechnology.comwww.deltatechnology.com • Houston, TX

Satake USA Inc.

EVOLUTION RGB + Shape Optical Sorter

    • Industry-leading innovative sorting technology utilizing full-color RGB, shape and size, and infrared InGaAs technology for seeds, grains, pulses, etc.
    • Proprietary intelligent processing software pin points and removes challenging defects.
    • High resolution cameras, high density ejector system, and an intuitive user interface are a few of the signature Satake features.
    • Satake EveryWhere online support, engineering and design services, and local/on-site training opportunities available.
    • Quality after sales service and support team that honestly makes you feel like family.

281-276-3600 • FAX: 281-494-1460 • vision@satake-usa.comwww.satake-usa.com • Stafford, TX

Satake USA Inc.

FMS-2000 Compact Optical Sorter

    • Compact and cost-effective with full color RGB cameras. Also available with size and shape sorting capability. • Ideal for small and medium size applications such as pre-production, laboratory use, and research development.
    • Easy to use touch screen interface similar to a smart phone or tablet.
    • Satake Smart Sensitivity (3S) software auto-calibrates accepted and rejected product during profile set up.
    • 2 chute options maximize product orientation during free fall inspection (flat and U-groove trays).
    • Quick and simple cleaning and maintenance with included wheels for easy portability.

281-276-3600 • FAX: 281-494-1460 • vision@satake-usa.comwww.satake-usa.com • Stafford, TX

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