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Bin Unloaders/Sweeps

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Behlen Grain Systems

Omega Bin Sweep

    • Zero entry.
    • Positive track drive eliminates tire slippage.
    • Heavy-galvanized frame provides superior rigidity.
    • Integrated control panel with variable frequency track drive for precise sweep movement.
    • Engineered to seamlessly fit in any new or existing bins.
    • 12- and 16-inch diameter augers.

800-553-5520 • 402-564-3111 • FAX: 402-563-7405 • behlen@behlenmfg.comwww.behlengrainsystems.com • Columbus, NE


Integral Sweep Augers

    •For cereal flat bottom silos with central gravity discharge.
    •Possible fitting in existing silos without any modification to them.
    •Single center outlet; no need of intermediate outlets.
    •The unit, once installed, remains in the silo. Initially, the grain discharges by gravity into the central outlet and then into the independent recovering handling system.

877-281-1582 • +33 2 37 97 66 11 • FAX: +33 2 37 97 66 40 • info@denis.frwww.denis.fr


Drive-Over Chain Conveyor

    • Low profile, high capacity portable system.
    •Conveniently unload up to 10,000 bph (270 tph).
    •Spring loaded ramps conveniently fold for ultra narrow transport.
    •Dependability of chain conveyor design with minimal maintenance.
    • Select from electric or hydraulic drive.
    • Oversize hopper with flexible rubber belting simplifies trailer positioning.
    • Optional longer ramps available

800-523-6993 • 785-632-2161 • FAX: 785-632-5964 • lyarrow@hutchinson-mayrath.comwww.hutchinson-mayrath.com • Clay Center, KS


NexGen 3000 Commercial Sweep

    • A key component to zero bin entry operation.
    • 18 in. O.D. flight provides capacity up to 15,000 bph (405 tph).
    • Heavy frame construction built for commercial bins up to 150 feet diameter bins.
    • Electric drives with gear reducer allows 20-50 hp requirements.
    •48 in. square center well with slip ring allows for up to 50,000 bph free flow capacity.
    • The touchscreen control box has adjustable capacity settings from 7,500 bph up to 15,000 bph.
    • Tru-Klean option adds a chain and paddle drag behind the auger to create a near broom swept finish.
    • Unique four wheel drive tractor gives maximum traction to push sweep.

800-523-6993 • 785-632-2161 • FAX: 785-632-5964 • lyarrow@hutchinson-mayrath.comwww.hutchinson-mayrath.com • Clay Center, KS

Norstar Industries

ATLAS™ Posi-Trac Sweep

    • Unmatched power and traction designed for commercial operations of any size.
    • New – Positive Drive System eliminates sweep slippage and provides constant forward motion with 1600 lbs of thrust.
    • Up to 10,000 bph (250 MT) for 60’ – 105’ bin diameters (longer models available on request).
    • Exclusive positive drive control panel renders the Posi-Trac as true zero entry.
    • Designed for long lasting durability under commercial weight loads.
    • ATLASTM Tractor Drive model available.

204-746-8200 • FAX: 204-746-8074 • ryan@norstarmfg.comwww.norstarindustries.ca • Morris, MB

Norstar Industries

Commercial Express

    • An innovative blend of power and efficiency built for heavy farm and light commercial duties.
    • Motorized tractor drive with 18” gear reduction wheel for increased power/traction.
    • Skeletonized frame for durability when buried.
    • Longer-lasting auger flighting with increased capacity.
    • Up to 6,500 bph (165 MT) for 42’ – 105’ bin diameters.
    • New – UL certified collector ring for increased clean-out safety.
    • Standard and auto-drive control panels available.

204-746-8200 • FAX: 204-746-8074 • ryan@norstarmfg.comwww.norstarindustries.ca • Morris, MB

North American Equipment Co., Inc.


    •In use in Canada, United States, and Mexico.
    •Any structure—any grain.
    •No moving parts inside the bin.
    •Greatly improves aeration.
    •Reduces bin labor and promotes safety.
    •Original patented luft kanals.

800-514-7608 • 913-367-1239 • FAX: 816-265-2471 • keith@naequipment.netwww.naequipment.net • Nortonville, KS

Sioux Steel Company

EXTRAC Dual Paddle Sweep

    •Designed to be fully submersed in grain.
    - Can withstand an avalanche of grain.
    •Can be manufactured to fit in bins up to 105ft. in diameter.
    •5,500 to 11,000 bushels per hour capacity.
    •Lower input power requirement compared to other sweeps.
    •Does not plug or stall when overrunning the sweeps.

800-557-4689 • 605-336-1750 • FAX: 605-357-8597 • janshutz@siouxsteel.comwww.siouxsteel.com • Sioux Falls, SD

Springland Manufacturing

Commercial Bin Sweeps

    •Electric or hydraulic main drive.
    •Open screw design.
    •Optional frame cover.
    •Single or split pass frame.
    •Positive drive system.

204-566-2279 • FAX: 204-566-2303 • rfrederick@springland.cawww.springland.ca • Rivers, MB

Sudenga Industries, Inc.

Series II Industrial Sweep

    • For commercial bins to 130-ft. diameter. • 11-1/4-in. model handles up to 6,500 bph, and 16-in. model handles up to 10,000 bph. •Motorized push tractor standard on both models.
    •Auto advance sweep sensor monitors sweep from outside the bin and slows or stops the sweep automatically keeping grain flow consistent and personnel out of the bin. (Patent applied for).
    •Enclosed “C-Face” direct drive motor couple eliminates belts and pulleys.
    •Strong “flow-thru” truss design allows grain to flow through the sweep structure making the sweep self supporting when the bin is full. (Patent applied for).

888-783-3642 • 712-475-3301 • FAX: 712-475-3320 • sales@sudenga.comwww.sudenga.com • George, IA

Variable Automation & Manufacturing, LLC

V1 Automatic Push Tractor

    • Easy, cost effective bin sweep compliance.
    • Push tractor with controller automatically operates sweep augers.
    • Designed to keep employees out of grain bins during cleanout.
    • Will fit any existing model or size bin sweep. Complete new systems also available.
    • Models range in weight from 100 to 145 lbs.
    • Mobile and fits in any bin door.

877-827-2434 • info@variableautomation.comwww.variableautomation.com • Raymond, IA

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