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DT Grain Processing Systems Inc

St Catharines, ON • 905-938-2882

Computer Software/Hardware

Inventory Control

    •Customized software package for inventory control and blending capability for grain and flour, combined with latest microwave technology for accurate real time bin level.
    •State of the art technology increases efficiency, reduces blending and transfer errors, and replaces unsafe, labor intensive checking bin level.
    •Fully electronic flow balancers and customized software allow accurate grain blending.
    •Self-monitoring instrumentation and predictive maintenance software provides automatic audit trails and early warning system for bin level instrumentation as well as pressure gauges for tracking filter performance and motor control.


FERKAR Universal Mill

    •To produce whole grain flours less than 150 microns in single stage milling, without sifters.
    •High capacity and low energy consumption.
    •Closed grinding system maintains integrity of ground product, preserving the aromas and fine dust.
    •Grinding and sieving at the same time.
    •Self-contained air cooling enables continuous mill operation.

Roller Mills

Spomax FMO7 Roller Mill

    •Gull wing design with feed roll pack for superior sanitation and maintenance.
    •Built-in explosion proof panels for electrical and pneumatics.
    •Roll on frame design for stability and consistent gap setting.
    •FM08 two high roller mill arriving soon.


Libra Process Scale

    •Automatic, accurate weighing of flour and other free flowing materials, up to 275,000 lbs/hour.
    •Sealed Clam shell and double butterfly gates, with Festo pneumatic cylinders results in sanitary and easy to maintain design.
    •Libra scales supplied with “off the shelf” controller with customized, yield management programming.
    •One controller capable of control of up to 21 scales, with I/O for PLC system integration.
    •Designed and manufactured by Spomax.


Scale Control and Yield Management System

    •Complete Yield Management including full scale control, production runs, blending, downtime monitoring, and reporting capability.
    •“Off the shelf” controller used to replace obsolete/proprietary PLC controllers, and is standard on all Spomax scales and flow balancers.
    •One instrument is capable of controlling multiple scales in a milling unit.
    •Can communicate to PLC via Ethernet, Device Net, or remote I/O.
    • PC monitoring software is fully network-able throughout the facility.
    • Regional reporting capability for several mills over company’s internal network.

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