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4B Components Ltd.

Morton, IL • 309-698-5611 • FAX: 309-698-5615


Belt Splices and Fasteners

    •Variety of mechanical splices.
    •Light- to heavy-duty applications.
    •For belts rated from 220 PIW up to 1,450 PIW.
    •Non-sparking versions available.
    •Used on PVC, rubber, and steel web core belting.
    •Contact 4B regarding your specific information.


Elevator and Conveyor Belting

    •Wide range to suit all applications (PVC, rubber, FRASOR, steel web).
    •Technical support from our experienced team of engineers.
    •Belts supplied slit, cut to length and punched to your requirements or in full coils.
    •Full line of accessories: belt fasteners, buckets, and bolts.


Drop-Forged Conveyor Chain

    •Made of special heat treated alloy (manganese, chromium, titanium).
    •Case hardened to Rockwell C57 - C62 with a ductile core hardness of Rockwell C40.
    •Standard, double, and triple links available.
    •Bolt on nylon flights available with 4B’s patented Bolt ‘N’ Go™ system.

Elevator Bolts

Elevator Bolts

    •Elevator bolt manufacturer with worldwide distribution.
    •Five styles available: Fang, Norway, Easyfit, DIN 15237 (Euro), and Ref 70.
    •Available in steel, zinc plated, and stainless steel.
    •Fender washers, domed washers, locknuts also available.

Elevator Buckets

CC-S Elevator Buckets

    •Heavy-duty CC style elevator bucket available in 35 sizes.
    •Made from high-density polyethylene, nylon, or urethane.
    •Thick front lip design (Iceberg® Edge).
    •Low profile versions available.
    •Free engineering and design service for upgrading or new bucket elevators.

Elevator Buckets

JUMBO CC-S Elevator Buckets

    •Ultra heavy-duty version of the CC-S bucket.
    •Larger sizes for maximum capacity output.
    •Made from high-density polyethylene, nylon, or urethane.
    •Thickest front lip, walls and corners for durability and long life.
    •Designed for the most severe material handling applications.
    •Low profile versions available.

Level Indicators

Auto-Set™ Series Level Indicators

    •RF capacitance point level indicator with automatic material build-up compensator.
    •Push button calibration, digital display, and internal timer features.
    •Stainless steel probes.
    •Flush mount and remote versions available.
    •CSA Class II, Division 1 approved.

Level Indicators

Binswitch Elite Level Indicator

    •Capacitance point level sensor detects level or plug situations for bulk granular solids or liquids.
    •LED status lights, fully potted electronics, relay contact output.
    •Magnetic calibration and adjustable sensitivity control.
    •CSA Class II, Division 1 approved.

Level Indicators

RLI “Shaker” — Rotary Level Indicator

    •Failsafe rotation detection with adjustable torque control.
    •Direct stepper motor drive, no clutch and no gearbox.
    •Shaking action for shedding material build up.
    •Vertical extensions to 14 feet are available.
    •Other rotary level indicator versions available.

Monitoring Equipment

Bearing and Surface Temperature Sensors

    •Screw in positive mount installation and grease zerk for bearing lubrication.
    •Continuous temperature monitoring (RTD or NTC type sensors).
    •Adjustable probe (2 in., 4 in., 8in. lengths) and surface mount versions available.
    •1/2 in. NPT conduit entry.
    •CSA Class II, Division 1 approved.

Monitoring Equipment

Belt Alignment Sensor

    •Detects belt tracking and misalignment problems on bucket elevators and conveyors.
    •Sensor detects the lateral force of the belt or pulley and activates a voltage free relay contact to alarm or shutdown the machine.
    •Electro-mechanical limit switch with no moving parts.
    •External test functionality and LED indication.
    •CSA Class II, Division 1 approved.

Monitoring Equipment

Hazard Monitoring System

    •Hazard monitoring systems for bucket elevators and conveyors.
    •Microprocessor controlled units for monitoring: belt speed, belt alignment, bearing temperature, pulley alignment, and plugged conditions.
    •Can be standalone or interfaced with PLC.
    •Alarm and shutdown features.
    •CSA Class II, Division 1 approved for the U.S.A.

Monitoring Equipment

Speed Monitoring—M800 Elite

    •Inductive sensor for monitoring shaft underspeed conditions.
    •Universal voltage (24 - 240 VAC/VDC).
    •Magnetic calibration with dual set-points: 10% and 20%.
    •Totally sealed construction: submersible.
    •Can be installed with Whirligig® target/bracket/guard.
    •CSA Class II, Division 1 approved.
    •IP67 protection.

Monitoring Equipment

Whirligig® — Universal Shaft Sensor Mount

    •Fully guarded target/bracket/guard for easy mounting of motion sensors.
    •Suitable for all industry standard cylindrical or DIN style inductive sensors.
    •Available with 1, 2, 4, or 8 targets.
    •Requires 1/2 inch UNC tapped hole in the machines shaft for installation.
    •Optional MagCon™ magnetic connector available (150 lbs. pulling force).

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