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Des Moines , IA • 800-247-6755 • FAX: 515-276-2067

Cleaning Equipment

Cimbria Delta Cleaners

    •Over 30 models ranging from laboratory to 15,000 bph:
    – Unmatched efficiency and reliability.
    – Superior removal of foreign materials.
    – The performance lives up to our promise.
    •We deliver the world’s most advanced technology plus extensive experience with all sizes of companies in the grain, seed, milling, and other processing industries.
    •Contact us to discuss your unique cleaning and sizing needs.

Cleaning Equipment


    •Factory built and guaranteed Cimbria Delta Screens.
    •Additional screens available for Carter, Crippen, and Clipper brands.
    •Over 160 sizes of punched metal and wire mesh in stock.
    •Maximized open area for screening efficiency.
    •Popular sizes pre-built and in-stock for immediate shipment.
    •Metric sizes available for end-user export specifications.

Coating Equipment

Cimbia Coating Systems for Seed and Specialty Products

    •Bratney Companies offers complete systems for a variety of applications.
    •Over 11 models of centri-coaters available, custom-fit to almost any production application (from laboratory to full production).
    •Coaters are designed for application of multiple liquids for film coating, or liquids and powder for build-up.
    •Liquid delivery systems available from pre-mix to fully automated.
    •Bratney Companies offers in-house engineering, installation, training, and parts and service.

Color Sorters

Cimbria Color Sorters

    •Complete range of color sorters from laboratory to large scale 1,000 bph in a single unit.
    •Tru color camera system with 0.1 mm resolution and shape recognition.
    •Ability to mount up to four cameras per chute with color, NIR, or InGaAs combinations. Allowing multiple separation in one unit with reduced footprint and installation costs.
    •Full start-up training and after sales support and service.
    •Bratney Companies offers in-house engineering and installation for all your facility needs.


Grain, Feed, Seed, and Specialty Processing Facilities

    •A trusted provider of turnkey facility and equipment solutions with national and international design-build experience.
    •Over 50 years of experience.
    •Excellent safety standards in every aspect of design, build, and process implementation to ensure our customers’ and our employees’ safety.
    •Ensure customer satisfaction by offering in-house engineering, installation, start-up, and training.
    •Complete parts and service department.
    •Contact us to discuss your unique needs and our innovative solutions.


Heid Stoner

    •Capacities from 70 to 730 bph in open circuit or closed circuit air systems.
    •Patented drive system provides balanced system and low dynamic loads for structures.
    •Negative suction design for sanitation and cleanliness in processing applications.
    •Separation of heavy impurities; stones, metal and other foreign materials.
    •Contact us to discuss your unique needs and our innovative solutions.


    • Drying/cooling sections are built with tapered air ducts to ensure homogenous air and grain distribution and the most uniform drying.
    • Discharge section has been designed to allow for uniform product. Discharge further ensuring consistency in the drying process.
    • User-friendly control system allowing easy recipe storage.
    • Fan system is entirely enclosed, thereby ensuring low noise levels and minimizing any emissions typical of other dryer types.
    • Collected dust and light particles from dust collection system are conveniently discharged.

Loadout Systems

    •Loadout systems for dust control.
    •Truck loading to vessel loading capacities up to 42,000 ft3/hr.
    •Variety of unique features for grain, edible products, and by-products.
    •Control systems integrated and available for hazard environments.

Packaging/Closing Systems

Concetti Starpack Bagger

    •Fully automated hanging, performing, and closing system all in one machine.
    •Small footprint allows you to easily fully automate within an existing bagging line.
    •Works with paper, poly-woven laminate, aluminum, porous poly-woven bags, and zippered bags.
    •Up to 30 bags/minute, 24/7, with high reliability and very low maintenance.
    •Automatic bag-size adjustments for simple changeover between runs.
    •Tagger and inkjet printing easily integrated into system.

Palletizing Systems

Concetti Palletizing Cells

    •Wide range of styles that optimize the palletizing process.
    •Robotic, high level, low level and hybrid.
    •Four column hybrid features the flexibility of a robotic palletizer with the stability of four sided squaring and layer compression.
    •Boxes, bags, bundles, and cases are easily stacked.
    •Diverse options to allow multiple functions from a single system.
    •User-friendly interface on the robot controller with equipment layout drawings for easy operation in manual mode.
    •Complete installation, training, parts, and service.


Concetti Net Weighing Systems

    •Diverse product range for optimizing speed and accuracy.
    •Available in gross and net weighing platforms.
    •Precision control system with simple operator interface makes operations easy and repeatable.
    •Quality of construction – built under ISO standards and used around the world.
    •Complete installation, training, parts, and service.

Seed Treaters

Centricoater Batch Seed Treating System

    • Thorough and accurate coverage to ensure optimal results.
    • Wide range of models and applications to meet exact needs.
    • Chemical delivery systems are designed for flexibility for current and future needs.
    • Complete interface of weight of product to amount of treatment applied. No over or under treatment.
    • Variety of pumps, meters, powder feeds, and tanks to allow for a turnkey, single source supply.


Cimbria Heid Gravity Tables

    •Density separation of light particles such as diseased, insect damage, and mechanical from good heavy particles.
    •Laboratory to large scale systems.
    •Available with recirculating cyclofan air systemto minimize dust system needs.
    •Balanced system for low dynamic loading and structural design.
    •Fully automated system with plant PLC available upon request.
    •Product testing available.


Cimbria Heid Indent Cylinder

    •High capacity length separator for long and short separations - up to 16 ton per cylinder – reduces number of units required saving floor space, spouting and electrical.
    •Precision machined parts for superior sizing accuracy.
    •Heavy gauge design for long life and around the clock operation.
    •Fully automated system with plant PLC available upon request.
    •Quick clean-out features.
    •Product testing available.

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