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Easy Automation Inc.

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Automation Systems

Custom HMI Grain Handling and Batching

    •Provides automated control of all your grain handling equipment.
    •Easily expandable to meet the growing needs of your system.
    •Custom designed screens approved by customer.
    •Log in anywhere via internet, cellphone, tablet (Ipad), or PC.
    •Receive text message of status.
    •EAI support available 24/7.
    •Choice of touchscreen or PC based.

Batch Control Systems

Mark IV

    •PC windows based feed batch control system.
    •Feed Batch Pro is networked making it possible for any system on a network to batch feed, edit formulas, and print reports.
    • Batching system may be interfaced to Feed Office Pro or Feed Office Enterprise. br> •Track inventories and trace ingredients.
    •Extensive report capabilities.
    • Easily expandable with no limits of formulas or ingredients.

Computer Software/Hardware

Feed Office Enterprise

    • The SQL- based program allows for central control of multiple feed mills, centralized order input and pricing while monitoring inventory levels at the site and macro levels.
    • Includes multiple value-added features such as the ability for multiple line order entry, formula versioning, and unit of measure conversion.
    • Users are able to manufacture and inventory stock items, maintain and sell bagged items, along with the ability to sell miscellaneous items such as animal health items and supplies.
    Feed Ordering module:
    • A phone or web-based feed ordering solution for feed mills providing 24/7 web access for mill customers to order feed, report bin levels, and view order status.
    • Orders and bin levels can be efficiently processed and manufactured all while keeping group feeding and manufacturing records up to date.


EZ Grind (Stand-alone Hammermill)

    • This patented design provides uniform particle size while reducing wear on hammers and screens.
    • Materials are distributed evenly into the grinding chamber and into the hammers.
    • The EZ Grind is built to ensure years of trouble-free operation.
    • Motor horsepowers available: 10 hp, 20 hp, and 30 hp.
    • Center fed hub allows for even wear of hammers and screens.

Level Indicators

Automation Level Switches for Ag and Industrial Applications

    •E-Z Switch element can be placed in hard-to-monitor areas.
    •If feed or grain backs up into the sensor area, the switch will automatically shut down any key augers, conveyors, or legs before costly breakdowns occur.

Loadout Systems

Pre-Weighed Loadout Hoppers

    • EAI Pre-Weighed Loadout Hoppers are practical and customizable.
    • Alongside EAI’s loadout control system (Loadout Pro) this design is a seamless solution to loadout inefficiencies.
    • Customizable options include capacity, bin design, bin spacing, and more.
    • Independent framework – Load cells can be added for pre-weighing loads.
    • Different lid configurations available depending on loadout process.

Micro Ingredient Systems

Micro Ingredient System

    •An economical system for precisely dispensing and weighing low inclusion rate ingredients.
    •Rugged low maintenance design.
    •Easily configured to fit your space.
    •Unlimited ingredients.
    •Also available in stainless steel.
    Rotary Dump Micro Ingredient System
    •Complete rotary dump micro ingredient system with optional pallet platform and stairs.

Micro Ingredient Systems

Minor Tote Scale Weigh Hopper

    • Minor Weigh Hopper design speeds up a system by adding additional scales to weigh bulk bag or other ingredients. This allows for precise weighing of ingredients that are too big for a micro system but too small for a minor ingredient.
    • Load cell weighing – S-shaped load cells for precise weight measurements.
    • Available with air gates or electric gates to control conveyor flow to prevent force feeding and can be opened independently.
    • Limit switches indicate gate position to get the next batch weighed up.
    • Optional flush hopper – Flush out ingredients from drag conveyor for next batch weigh up.


Modular Feed Processor

    • The mixer’s unique design provides transverse mixing action. Blending occurs rapidly, clumps are broken up, and a shorter mix time is needed to achieve accepted coefficient of variation. The Trans-Mix also performs well with liquid ingredients.
    • If you include a micro-ingredient section, it has its own separate scale system for greater accuracy.
    • Because it is a modular system, the MFP has the added advantage of being easily expandable. As your needs change, you have the option of adding to your system – instead of replacing it.
    • The simple, rugged design of the center-fed hammermill allows even wear on the hammers and screen used to grind ingredients for processing.

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