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Buhler Inc.

Minneapolis, MN • 763-847-9900 • FAX: 763-847-9911


Direct-Drive and Chain-Drive Airlocks

    • Full selection of metric direct drive and US standard chain drive airlocks in stock.
    • Blow-through and drop-through models available.
    • Energy efficient.
    • High reliability and utilization.
    • Reconditioning services available.


Aspiration Channel MVSG/H

    • Easy operation.
    • Excellent separating efficiency thanks to selective air flow.
    • Stable, reliable separation.
    • Depending on the design, may be used as a stand-alone machine or in combination with the separator MTRB.

Bucket Elevators

Belt and Bucket Elevator LBEA

    • Cost-effective vertical conveying.
    • Easy maintenance and long life cycle.
    • Wear-resistance materials.
    • Throughput capacity up to 800 t/h (grain).

Cleaning Equipment

TAS High Capacity Grain Cleaner

    • Capacity of up to 10,000 bph.
    • Screening area of up to 48m2.
    • High efficiency aspiration combined with scalping and main sieving.
    • Developed with food safety standards in mind.
    • High level of sanitation.
    • Easily accessible maintenance points.
    • Fast sieve changes with front door accessibility.


Chain Conveyor LBCA

    • Throughput capacity of up to 440 t/h.
    • Carbon steel convey chain and flights.
    • Standard drive packages.
    • Bolted design provides easy maintenance.
    • Standard features, speed and plug sensors.


Direct-Drive and Chain-Drive Airlocks

    • For corn, wheat, rice, and sunflowers.
    • Features Eco Cool, Eco Dry Flex technology.
    • Energy efficient featuring gentle heating technology.
    • Rugged product column and optional cladding.
    • Mobile model available.
    • Low dust emission.
    • Gentle and uniform drying.


Eco-Twin Twin Screw Extruder

    •Highest degree of operating safety and userfriendliness.
    • Easy cleaning and accessibility of all critical zones ensure a high level of sanitation.
    •Guaranteed product quality.


Vertical Rotor Hammermill

    • Requires no air assist to grind.
    • No moisture loss in ground product.
    • Extremely fast and easy screen and hammer changes.
    • Very quiet operation.
    • Tremendous operating efficiency.
    • Uses less energy.

Infestation Destroyers

Impact Machine Matador MJZH

    • Mortality rate ≥ 99.7% (confirmed by biological institute).
    • Energy savings compared with the previous model: up to 30% in some cases.
    • Throughput capacity up to 45 t/h (99,000 lb/hr).
    • Inline pressure conveying up to 1bar (14.5 psi).
    • Simple and flexible system integration.
    • Resistant seal with monitoring of purging air.
    • Temperature and vibration monitoring.


Sanimix Paddle and Chopper Mixer

    •Gap-free and self-discharging mixing chamber prevents product cross-contamination.
    •High mixing capacity due to extremely short mixing and fast discharge times.
    •Easy to operate, easy to clean.
    •Stainless steel and an inner surface without gaps satisfy the most rigorous sanitation standards.
    •Sizes ranging from 500 to 4000 liters.

Pellet Mills

Kubex™ T Pellet Mill

    • Direct drive system uses up to 20% less energy compared to conventional drive systems.
    • Belt and gearless drive system.
    • Variable die speed allows for formulation specific optimization of pelleting process.
    • Processes even hard-to-pellet raw materials with high fat or fiber content.

Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic Conveying of Mill Stocks

    •Simple and convenient arrangement, easy assembly.
    •Minimum maintenance thus reducing costs.
    •Excellent degree of separation.
    •High level of sanitation.
    •Superior reliability, performance.


Polaris Purifier

    •Innovative design – ergonomic and functional.
    •20% higher throughput – maximum separating efficiency and minimized space requirement.
    •Top process and product safety – completely enclosed machine and high quality materials.
    •Low operating costs – efficient, energy saving and minimal downtime.

Roller Mills

Antares Plus Roller Mill

    •Ultimate sanitation: Components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.
    •Perfect, constant grinding action thanks to roll packs with self-contained forces.
    •Constant and reliable product feed.
    • High degree of insulation.
    •Minimized maintenance and servicing.
    •Massively reduced noise level.
    •Easy operation.
    •Integrated control system.
    •Cockpit with centralized data processing.


Vega High-Capacity Grain Classifier

    •Reduced energy needs of 50% compared to similar machines.
    •Throughput capacities varying between 15 up to 200 metric tons per hour.
    •Quick and easy sieve exchange.
    •Modular design.
    •Easy operation.


Plansifter MPAK

    • Stainless steel and high-quality polyurethane parts for excellent sanitation.
    •High sifting capacity in a small place.
    •Interior walls and doors with high-grade insulation to reduce condensation.
    •Easy access for cleaning.

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