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Cardinal Scale Mfg Co.

Webb City, MO • 800-441-4237 • FAX: 417-673-5001

Batch Control Systems

825-CBW Bulk Weighing Controller

    •Complete control package for continuous weighing of bulk commodities.
    •Features customer and product identification, single or multiple loading, and ship or receive mode.
    Display features Include: •640 x 480 pixel color backlit interactive touchscreen LCD.
    •Color-coded QWERTY keyboard for data entry.
    •Pictorial representation of the bulk weigher and gates.


Efficient Farm Application Weighing

    •Cardinal AG load cells and 212 STORM indicator.
    •Used in both mobile and fixed weighing applications on the farm.
    •Made-in-the-USA quality.
    •Polyurethane sheathed cables, potted sealed strain gauges, and durable alloy steel construction.
    •Quickly installs beneath mixers, tanks, or other containers or structures mounted on a trailer or truck chassis.
    •Each kit comes complete with 4 load cells, mounting pads, and 30 ft. of load cell cable with connector.


Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scales

    •Lifetime hydraulic load cell warranty.
    •SST load cells are impervious against lightning strikes, power surges, rodents, and damage.
    •NTEP legal for commercial trade up to 135 tons.
    •Concrete or steel decks – low-profile or pit type.
    •Single source USA supplier for 100% of components.
    •Load cells can operate fully submerged underwater.


Harvester® Precast Concrete Deck Truck Scale

    • Economical value for farm weighing applications.
    • NTEP legal for commercial trade.
    • High-tensile-strength, patent-pending concrete decks.
    • 50-ton overall capacity and 25-ton concentrated load capacity on 70-ft. model.
    • USA-made stainless steel load cells.
    • Perfect crop harvest weighing capabilities.
    • Modular decks to accommodate most vehicle lengths.
    • Single source convenience for indicators, truck software, and remote displays.


Low-Profile Railroad Track Scales

    •Models available or will be custom-made for any combination of car lengths and capacities.
    •An economical, heavy-duty combination of accuracy and weighing efficiency.
    •Includes steel deck weighbridge, stainless steel USA-made load cells (electronic or hydraulic), load cell stands, junction box, and power supply.
    •E-80 Cooper A.R.E.M.A. Rating.
    •Legal for Trade (NTEP).

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