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Amark Packaging Systems

Kansas City, MO • 816-965-9000 • FAX: 816-965-9003

Packaging/Closing Systems

3-Sided Conveyor A-1400

    •Unique design with oscillating conveyor belt settling product for a fast and easy bag closing.
    •Knurled conveyor idler pulleys hold the bags firmly shaped in place while moving to the closing head.
    •Delivers aerated product, ready-shaped for fast consumer shelving operation and appearance.

Packaging/Closing Systems

90° Bag Kicker

    •Automatically provides positive 90° transfer of upright filled bags from a flat belt conveyor to a horizontal bottom – first position on a second conveyor.
    •Wide choice of accessories and components available.

Packaging/Closing Systems

A-600 Bag Closing Sewing System

    •Power height adjustable pedestal for a variety of bag lengths.
    •Dolly base and casters make this unit ideal for use with existing or independent conveyor systems.
    •Totally enclosed 1 1/2 hp motor with clutch for high speed sewing heads. Belt speeds to 100 FPM attainable. 1/2 hp motor for use with standard sewing heads.

Packaging/Closing Systems

Bag Flattener

    •Unique vertically applied compression system.
    •Easier, faster handling and palletizing, and less wasted truck or rail car storage space.
    •Package neatness — increased consumer acceptance.

Packaging/Closing Systems

Bag Turner

    •Receives oncoming sealed, vertical bags, automatically knocks the bag down into the desired horizontal position, then turns them 90° for further flat conveyance.
    •Totally eliminates manual labor.
    •Models available face up or face down.

Packaging/Closing Systems

Equipment and Supplies

    •Our objective is to provide you with the best in equipment, supplies, and reliable service.

Packaging/Closing Systems

Power Curve Conveyor

    •Eliminates stop-’n-go traffic jams created by sharp corners and right angle turns.
    •Constant flow by-passing production line bottlenecks with a 90° curved cornering capability.

Packaging/Closing Systems

Single-Pak Bagging System

    •Fill-close-move all with a single operator.
    •Designed with mobility in mind – lift the coaster foot brake and easily move.
    •Semi-automatic bagging scales fills with ±4 to 6 oz. or better every time.

Packaging/Closing Systems

Tag All

    •Innovative, maxi-fast, tag-to-bag system to eliminate assembly delays and production foul-ups.
    •Uniform and accurate finished product.
    •Savings in time, labor, and materials.

Packaging/Closing Systems

Telescoping Conveyor

    •Portable unit that extends the extra belt length up to 12 feet.
    •Ideal for truck and trailer bag loading.
    •Eight models in varying extension lengths and belt widths.

Packaging/Closing Systems

V-Trough Bag Closing Conveyor

    •45° V-Shape cradles and holds bags firmly in place vertically.
    •V-Trough constructed of 10-gauge steel in 8 ft., 10 ft., and 12 ft. conveyor models. Additional lengths available.
    •Engineered for safety with formed corners — no sharp edges.
    •All units completely assembled and wired, ready to connect to power supply.

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