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Warrior Mfg., LLC

Hutchinson, MN • 320-587-5505 • FAX: 320-587-3040

Bucket Elevators

    • Capacities up to 60,000 bph.
    • Hot dipped galvanized construction.
    • Custom configurations available.
    • Generous clearances in all directions.
    • Fast lead times.
    • Robust commercial – duty design.


    •Engineered design allows for spans over 200 ft. in length.
    •Built to support the loaded weight of any size conveyor.
    •40 ft. standard sections result in quickest assembly in the industry.
    •2 ft. standard walkway widths. Custom widths also available.
    •Open web beam design adds durability to support system.
    •Heavy-duty handrail truss available for larger loads and longer spans.


MICADA Bulk Weigh Systems

    •NTEP certified up to 80,000 bph capacity.
    •Custom built to spec for any truck, rail, barge, or ocean vessel-loading facility.
    •Complete engineered systems including structure, scale, spout, control room, and fall protection.
    •Turnkey installation services including start up, training, and certification.


MICADA Hopper Bottom Bins

    • Retro-fit hopper bottoms for any existing grain bins.
    • Complete hopper and bin combinations.
    • Fully-welded hopper bottoms allow for quick installation.
    • Sizes range from 15 to 27 ft. diameter.

Support Towers

    •Standard sizes: 5 ft. through 16 ft. square. Also custom-manufactured to any size and height.
    • Computer engineered to any height or wind speed.
    •Switchback or wraparound stairs available.
    •Six column tower also available.
    •Catwalk support towers available in two or four columns.
    •Painted or galvanized finish.

Temporary Storage

    • Walkways can be custom-designed to fit any size or shape structure from any manufacturer.
    • Meets OSHA Standard guardrail specification No.1926.502.
    • Walking surface is 24-inch- or 36-inch-wide galvanized bar grate.
    • Access ladders protected with swing-gates.
    • Two-rail handrail with toeboard are both painted safety yellow.
    • Delivered in pre-assembled sections to simplify installation.

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