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Premier Components, Inc.

Alma, MI • 877-681-3064 • FAX: 989-463-4560


    •Specialize in rubber and PVC grain belt.
    •Multiple shipping locations for freight cost savings.
    •Any widths and lengths available.
    •Full line of elevator belting accessories such as buckets, hardware, and belt fasteners.
    •Belt selection assistance.


    •Painted, hot dip galvanized, or stainless steel finishes available.
    •45 degree or 60 degree in both flatback or fullround.
    •Positive locking mechanism on spout positioning.
    •Easy access inspection door.
    •Cable, pipe, or electric operation available.

Elevator Buckets

    •Fastest growing distributor of elevator buckets in the nation.
    •Elevator buckets available in polyethylene, nylon, urethane, and steel to fit any application.
    •6 styles of elevator bolts available along with any necessary hardware.
    •Same day shipping available.

Grain Handling Accessories

Premium Slide Gates

    •Heavy-duty rack and pinion slide gates come standard with 1.9 in. skate wheels, bearing supported control shafts, machined rack and pinions, and weather covers.
    •Painted, galvanized, and stainless steel finishes available.
    •Handwheel, chainwheel, or cablewheel control available.
    •Andco, Duff-Norton, motor/gearbox combo, or air actuated drives all available.

Grain Handling Accessories

Round and Square Spouting

    •Best round and square spouting pricing in the industry.
    •Huge inventory of round spouting.
    •Spouting available in carbon steel, primed/painted, galvanized, and stainless steel.
    •Square spouting available with many types of lining options.
    •Quick delivery on square spouting orders.

Grain Handling Accessories

Spouting Accessories

    •Industry leader in spouting and spouting accessories.
    •Huge inventory for immediate shipping.
    •Elbows, angle rings, clamp bands, spout sleeves and saddles, transitions, (2) styles of cushion boxes, overflow valves, deadstops, flow retarders, slide gates, expansion joints, collection boxes, valves, truss kits, distributors, urethane, UHMW, and ceramic tile.

Grain Handling Accessories

Truss Kits and Accessories

    •Complete heavy-duty – easy to assemble truss kits for spout runs from 40 ft. to 120 ft. in sizes ranging from 6 in. - 24 in. for both round and square spouting.
    •Galvanized finish standard on all stars and end clamps.
    •Thousands of feet of galvanized aircraft cable, galvanized clamp bands, galvanized thimbles, and galvanized turnbuckles in stock and ready to ship.

Grain Handling Accessories

Valves and Gate Valves

    •Available in both “Y” & “K” configurations, 10 ga. and 7ga., painted, galvanized, and stainless finishes available.
    •Diverter valves available from 6 in. through 18 in.
    •Pan valves available from 6 in. through 12 in.
    •Valves available in manual style along with 3 choices of powered drives and air actuated.
    •Gate valves also available in both “Y” and “K” configurations, 10 ga. and 7ga., from 14 in. through 36 in. in both manual style and 3 choices of powered drives and air actuated.

Level Indicators

    •Rotary, pressure sensitive, and tilt switches. Capacitance, and vibrating rod all available.
    •For use with solids, liquids, and slurries.
    •High levels of inventory for expedited shipping.


    • UHMW liners in an array of thicknesses, colors, and sizes.
    • Urethane liners (standard blue, high energy orange, and kryptane red) available in expanded metal back, solid metal back, and fabric back in both sheet form or roll form also in fabric back.
    • Large inventory on hand for immediate shipping.
    • Ceramic tile in any available size or thickness.
    • Plain and weld able ceramic both available along with any necessary adhesives.

Power Transmission

    •Elevator, belt conveyor, and screw conveyor drives available.
    •Dodge, Browning, and Falk Reducers available.
    •Dodge, Browning, Link-Belt, Rexnord, and many other bearings available.
    •Baldor, Toshiba, Weg, Leeson, and many other motor brands available.

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