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Sukup Manufacturing Company

Sheffield, IA • 641-892-4222 • FAX: 641-892-4629


Aeration Fans

    • Complete line of centrifugal and axial fans to meet your aeration needs.
    • Highest airflow has made Sukup #1 in centrifugal fans.
    • Fan wheels are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth, trouble-free operation.
    • Sukup has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing fans.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

    •Capacity to 60,000 bph (48-inch head pulley).
    •Low-impact head design allows grain to slide gently along the contour of the head, instead of bouncing off of it.
    • Split-head construction for easy interior accessibility.
    • Galvanized construction.
    • Heavy-gauge, huck-bolted legs.


Drag Conveyors

    •Capacities up to 50,000 bph.
    •Heavy-gauge, galvanized steel construction.
    •Patented dust-proof and weather-tight covers.
    •HD engineered chain with 1/2 in. UHMW flights.
    •Shaft, sprocket, and bearings can be easily removed as one piece.
    •Split sprocket with hardened teeth.


Tower Dryers

    •Capacities to 10,000 bph.
    •Grain exchangers turn grain for more equalized drying.
    •QuadraTouch ProTM controls make Sukup Tower Dryers easy to operate and the control box can easily be located remotely.
    •Stainless steel outer screens, nuts and bolts resist rust.
    •Extra-large wet holding bin features solid sheeting to keep grain dust and particulate matter confined within the dryer.


Corrugated Tanks

    • Up to 1.5 million bushel maximum capacity – 156 ft. diameter.
    •15,000, 30,000, 50,000 and 100,000 lb. peak load ratings.
    •Sukup SuperShieldTM gives a long-lasting, uniform appearance to bin sidewalls.
    •Knot-passing pulley, restraint anchor and feeder line are standard.
    •Full line of accessories and material handling equipment also available to complete your system.

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