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Rapat Corporation

Hawley, MN • 800-325-6377 • FAX: 218-483-3535

Bucket Elevators

Gerber ‘Smooth Lift’

    •Designed for economy and top performance.
    •Noise, turbulence, and materials damage are reduced through specialized design.
    •Heavy-duty construction ensures long working life while providing material handling efficiency.
    •Easy access simplifies maintenance.


ETR Enclosed Belt Conveyor

    •Heavy-duty construction.
    •Access doors and removable hoods for easy maintenance.
    •Troughing idlers for maximum capacity and reduced overall friction.
    •Optional single or multiple intermediate discharges.


Gerber ‘Smooth-Flow’ Drag

    •Exclusive 1/2 in. polyethylene flights and an overload shut off.
    •All controls located at the drive end for faster, easier maintenance.
    •Custom conveyor systems available.


Series CU Conveyor

    •Car Unloader conveyor for unloading bulk materials such as beans, grains, sand, and fertilizer from controlled-opening hopper-bottomed railcars and trailers.
    •Built for rugged use, handling up to 90 tons of material per hour on the 24 in. wide belt, and 1 20 tons of material per hour on the 30 in. wide belt.
    •Equipped with a wheeled undercarriage, located at the conveyor’s balance point for convenient one-person positioning.


Series F Conveyor

    •Rubber belt conveyor designed for gentle handling of bulk materials such as seed, beans, fertilizer, earcorn, etc.
    •Can elevate up to a 40 degree incline.
    •Rubber flights are hot vulcanized to the rubber belt and convey the materials without cracking or grinding.


Rotary Valve

    •Available in many sizes and nearly unlimited custom sizes.
    •Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or galvanized.
    •Different outlet configurations -–- such as square or angled –- available.
    •Designed for all-weather durability.

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