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Springfield, IL • 888-773-7836 • FAX: 217-585-9441

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

4g Flour and Dough Rheology - micro-doughLAB

    •4g flour and dough analysis for rheological parameters.
    • Screen and select most promising breeding line based on rheology.
    • Small scale analysis correlates to standard flour and dough analysis methods.
    •Variable speed and temperature tests response to stress.
    • Easy – clean–up.
    • New – one instrument to test water absorption, dough missing characteristics and extensibility.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Approved Grain Moisture Meter – AM 5200

    •USDA certified as UGMA compatible.
    •NTEP approved.
    •Moisture, test weight, and temperature in 10 seconds.
    •Now accepted as moisture analyzer for all major grain types.
    •Integrate with most scale systems.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Falling Number

    •World standard analysis of sprout damage.
    •Only validated instrument for approved methods – AACCI, ICC, ISO.
    •Detect sprouted grain before it enters your process.
    •Calculate grain/flour blend ratios and malt addition.
    •Affordable – detection of one load of sprouted grain can pay for an instrument.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Flour & dough Rheology – doughLAB

    •10 minute water absorbance, stability, MTI, etc. – NEW AACCI method.
    •Double lab throughput.
    •Reduce claims and rejects with improved results with improved peak identification.
    •Use results to calculate blends to meet performance requirements.
    •Emulate commercial dough mixers with fast mixing and energy input.
    •3 minute finished dough analysis.
    •Simple to use and clean with removable bowl and quick disconnects.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Gluten Analysis - Glutomatic

    • Gluten quantity and quality.
    • Automated gluten washing.
    • AACCI method for wet gluten, dry gluten, Gluten Index, and water binding.
    • Use wheat meal – no test milling required.
    • Identify wheats with poor protein quality despite protein quantity.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Lab/At-line NIR Analysis System – DA 7250

    •6 second multi-component analysis – moisture, protein, ash, oil, fiber, starch, and more.
    •Fast, accurate , easy-to-use, versatile, and robust.
    •Flour milling package with automated packer – includes calibrations.
    •Feed milling, petfood, oilseed, corn, ethanol packages available.
    •On-site demonstrations available.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Lab Mills

    • Disc and hammer mills for sample prep.
    • Robust all-metal grinders designed to last.
    • Suitable sample prep for Falling Number, moisture, Glutomatic, NIR, and many other tests.
    • Ideal for sample prep of feed and ingredients.
    • Sound dampening cases for low-noise level.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

NIR Process Analyzer - DA 7300

    •In-line process NIR for continuous, real-time measurement of moisture, protein, oil, fiber, and more.
    •Integrated into process control systems for automated or manual process adjustment.
    •Camera provides speck counts, color analysis, and unique video view directly into the process.
    •Remote connection allows managers to review results and video from anywhere connected to the web.
    •Our process team helps identify installation points.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

NIR Whole Grain Analyzer – IM 9500 Plus

    •NTEP approved.
    •25 second, accurate analysis of moisture, protein, oil, and more.
    •Integrated test weight module available.
    •Calibrations included in purchase – wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, rice, canola, and more.
    •Remote administration, networking, and pre-harvest diagnostics.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Performance Analyzer – Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA)

    •Rotational viscometer with programmable, variable shear, and temperature.
    •Measure functional properties of foods and ingredients.
    •Speed up R&D and formulation by using the RVA as a miniature pilot plant to emulate processes.
    •Screen incoming ingredients to verify performance prior to entering your process.
    •Measure pasting and gelling characteristics of starches, proteins, hydrocolloids, and gums.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Single Kernel Analysis – SKCS 4100

    •Automated tests of single kernels for weight, moisture, diameter, and hardness.
    •Grain uniformity in 3 minutes.
    •Results used to set up roll stands to improve mill yield.
    •Analyze small grains – wheat, barley, rice, and sorghum.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Texture Analyzer – TVT

    •Texture analysis made simple.
    •Pulls, pushes, and cuts samples to analyze texture.
    •Methods available for staling, hardness, fracturability, firmness, springiness, stickiness, crispness, relaxation, and more.
    •Test new formulations or ingredients to see effects on texture.

Grain Grading/Lab Testing

Volume Analyzer – BVM

    •Fast and accurate volume analysis using laser topography. New ACCI method.
    •5 times more accurate and 10 times more repeatable than seed displacement tests.
    •Archive data – including 3-D model – for analysis, claims, and audits.
    •Test baked goods and extruded products – pup loaves, cookies, crackers, cakes, or buns.

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