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KC Supply Co. Inc.

Kansas City, MO • 800-527-8775 • FAX: 816-753-0444


Conveyor and Elevator Belting

    •Wide range of belting.
    •Numerous shipping locations.
    •Full line of accessories too.


Conveyor Systems

    •Complete systems or parts.
    •Belt, drag, or screw conveyor.
    •AR steel and UHMW liners as well.

Grain Handling Accessories

Inspection Doors and Tank Hatches

    •Quick access for conveyors, dust collectors, hoppers, legs, silos, and more.
    •No tools required.
    •Dust tight gaskets.
    •Lockable to prevent unauthorized entry.
    •4 to 30 inch in stock.
    •Custom available.

Level Indicators

Portable, Wireless Bin Monitor

    •No wiring required.
    •Works with hand-held radios.
    •Multi-task instead of babysitting the bins.
    •Full line of BinMaster’s level monitors.


AR Steel U-trough Liners

    •Bolt-in or weld-in Style.
    •No need to disassemble conveyor.
    •Roll formed 5 ft. lengths.
    •Flat sheets available.
    •Optional - UHMW or carbon steel liners.


Ceramic Tile and Scorer

    •Industrial grade.
    •Cuts up to 3/4 inch.
    •AR steel, urethane, and UHMW liners also available.

Safety/Maintenance Equip.

Confined Space Entry

    •Quadpod or tripod style.
    •Air, electric, or manual powered.
    •Safety work baskets.
    •Complete line of equipment.

Safety/Maintenance Equip.

Entrapment Rescue Devices and Auger

    •Aluminum rescue tube.
    •Lightweight and easy to assemble.
    •Drill powered rescue auger.
    •No special tools required.

Safety/Maintenance Equip.

Gas Monitors

    •Single or multiple sensors.
    •Continuously monitors.
    •Three warning alarms – light, sound, and vibrations.
    •Protect employees by checking for CO, CO2, combustibles, oxygen, phosphine, and more.
    •Protect company by downloading activities onto a PC.
    •Authorized Draeger and MSA.
    •Calibration services.

Safety/Maintenance Equip.

HydroForce Power Wash Gun

    •Operates on compressed air and standard municipal utility water.
    •No external power needed – just an air compressor.
    •Hot and cold water-capable.
    •Simply attach air line hose and standard garden hose.
    •Water shutoff valve allows optional use of compressed air for drying only.
    •No duty-cycle limitations.

Safety/Maintenance Equip.

Industrial Vacuums

    •Electric or air-powered.
    •Rugged steel construction.
    •Over 170 inches of water lift.
    •30 to 55 gallon capacity.

Safety/Maintenance Equip.

Safety Gates

    •Stock sizes for 16 to 46 inch openings.
    •Mounts to pipe, angle, channel, flatbar, or existing wall.
    •Powder-coated yellow, galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel.
    •Meets OSHA and ANSI standards.

Transportation Equipment

Hopper Gate Opener

    •Battery, electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic powered.
    •Beam-mounted, mobile, or stationary.
    •Visit www.kcsupply.com for more info.

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