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Honeyville Metal Inc.

Topeka, IN • 800-593-8377 • FAX: 260-593-2486

Bucket Elevators

Hinged Head Cover

    •1,350 to 18,000 bph capacities in galvanized or stainless steel.
    •Head and boot pulleys with taper lock bushings; standard ruftop or slide lagged head pulleys.
    •Head and boot hot-dipped galvanized after welding.
    •Hinged head covers for safer single-person operation.
    •Galvanized legging-twin box; jig welded for correct alignment. Hinged inspection door for easy access to belt and buckets.
    •Class II gear reducers mounted at factory.


Convey Support / Service Walkways

    •Galvanized construction.
    •Assembled or knocked down options.
    •40 ft. clear span to support 140 lbs. per lineal foot and a snow load of 55 lbs. per sq. ft.
    •Walkways with 24 in. wide gripstrut, toe shield, and side hand rails.
    •Three support tower configurations.


Drag Conveyors

    •Straight line, horizontal drags, capacities to 26,000 bph.
    •All galvanized construction with bolt-on bottom and covers.
    •UHMW Flights bolted to chain attachments.
    •Bolted assembly for easy installation and service.
    •Optional bolt-on AR steel liner.
    •Class II gears mounted at factory.
    •Chains and paddles installed in straight line drags.


Flat Back or 360º- 45º and 60º Flow Distributors

    •Galvanized plate steel top and bottom.
    •Positive locking stainless steel index plate. Located under distributor for protection from dust and weather.
    •Large throat on internal swing spout, optional bottom lined metal backed urethane for extended wear.
    •Swing spout turns on a solid shaft, ball bearing, control options include cable, pipe, or Electric Positioning Control (Programmable Micro Processor).
    •No up or down movement on inside swing-spout. Adjustable brush seal assembly on spout will clean on every swing.
    •Spout sizes: 6 in. to 20 in.
    •Option: Distributor service door platform.

Dust Collection

EFR Series High Pressure Baghouse Filter

    •Honeyville Metal manufactures a complete line of dust collection equipment. Fans, cyclones, airlocks, and filters, up to 58,000 cfm.
    •110º involute cone section inlet.
    •Explosion relief panels.
    •16 oz. mirror finish bags with galvanized wire cages.
    •No-tool top removal bags.
    •Cone inspection cover.
    •Pulse Jet high pressure bag cleaning.

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